Sight Words
Preposition Logographs for My Class
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Move the mouse over the picture to find the preposition.
Click the object of the preposition to reveal the prepositional phrase.
Click for prepositions beginning with A B C D E F I L N O P R S T U W
aboard The lonely boy aboard the ship waved farewell.
about The curious boy read the phonics article about the space shuttle.
above The shelf above the box held the boy's books.
across Joe walked across the road.
against The brave knight fought against his enemy.
along Joe walked along the roadside.
around The selfish boy wrapped his arms around the beachball and would not share.
at The archer launched the arrow at the target.
atop The careless boy perched atop the ladder and lost his balance.
behind The boy behind the box gave the packers directions.
below The boy could not see any light below the cardboard carton.
beneath The careless boy fell beneath the load and hurt his back.
beside The boy waited beside the package.
between The student between the containers could not find his pencil.
beyond The camper found his lost backpack beyond the tent.
by The student read an exciting book by his favorite author.
down The hiker confidently marched down the hill and met his friend.
in The jack in the box was just my brother and a cardboard box.
inside The boy hid himself inside the house while we played hide and seek.
into The boy ran into the shipping carton and escaped the mean dog.
off The boy sprang off the crate when he saw a snake.
on The sleepy boy fell asleep on the case .
out The frightened boy ran out the opening when he saw a spider.
over The boy jumped over the carton and landed safely.
past The tired jogger ran past the buildings.
through The boy crawled carefully through the tunnel.
toward The impatient boy ran quickly toward the bus.
under The sneaky boy under the table startled his sister.
until The tired student could hardly wait until the final bell.
up The mountain climber charged up the steep hill.
upon The mover carried the box upon his head.
with The boy bought a game with his allowance.
within The boy and his family had much love within their hearts.
without Without any money, the boy could not buy chips.