Possessive Nouns


Possessive nouns use 's or s' to show ownership of a noun.
Possessives are noun determiners and cannot stand alone.
Read the sentences below. Choose a possessive noun determiner if ownership is needed.

  1. The stethoscope was draped around her neck.
  2. The worked together to help their patients.
  3. The bandage needed to be changed.
  4. The cafeteria serves healthy meals.
  5. Many types of are needed at the hospital.
  6. The laboratory begin their work early in the morning.
  7. A physical equipment includes weights and pulleys.
  8. Respiratory use stethoscopes to listen to lungs.
  9. use strong chemicals to kill germs.
  10. Every hospital has several to evaluate data.
  11. Many need x-rays.
  12. Some work in the Intensive Care Unit.
  13. A unit desk has an intercom to page nurses.
  14. tools include the jaws of life.
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