Noun Determiners


Directions: In each sentence, a noun determiner appears in bold-face type. Choose which type of noun determiner it is.

(1) Few people went to the circus.
(2) I really enjoy the clowns.
(3) The clown with the large red nose lost his balloon.
(4) Did you think those clowns were funny?
(5) A vendor sold us popcorn and peanuts.
(6) My sister and I hope that our father will bring us back next year.
(7) Please give me some popcorn.
(8) The elephants obeyed their trainer.
(9) Many children enjoy watching the acrobats perform.
(10) Is that acrobat from Russia?
(11) Several people gasped when the trapeze artist leaped for the bar.
(12) My brother thought the juggler was awesome.
(13) Dad refused to give me any money for cotton candy.
(14) This music really annoys me.
(15) The lion tamer had an ocelot in his act.
(16) Hold onto your ticket.
(17) These souvenirs will help us remember our trip to the circus.
(18) The tightrope walker balanced on her head.
(19) The circus pony swished its braided tail.
(20) The audience clapped loudly.
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