Persuasive Business Letter

A persuasive business letter is written to someone in authority. It asks the recipient, the person receiving the letter, to consider an action that the letter writer believes will improve a situation. Business letters have a formal, polite tone. The greeting of a business letter is followed by a colon.

Follow these directions and examples. Type your own sentences in these white boxes.
Heading: Press "Enter" to start new line.
123 Your Street Name
Your town, OH 43935
Month 00, 20--
Inside Address:
Mrs. Important Person, Her Title
Her Place of Business
000 Street Name Ave.
City, ZZ 00000
Dear Mrs. Person:
Write three sentences.
(1) Tell who you are.
(2) State what you want to have happen.
(3) Say your most important reason why you want this to happen.
Paragraph 2:
Write three sentences. Give a fact, example, or a detail to explain why your idea is a good one.
Paragraph 3:
Write three sentences. Describe your own experiences to explain why your idea is a good one.
Paragraph 4:
Write three sentences. Give a reason why the person receiving this letter might want to do your idea.
Write a sentence thanking the person for reading your letter and for considering your idea.
Name & Signature:
Type your first and last name.
Sign your name in cursive above your typed name after the letter is printed.

Important: Read the directions below before you click "Create."